Top 5 Tips To Get Your House Ready For Market


Getting ready to sell your home can be stressful! But with a bit of prep work and planning, you can position your property to receive the best offers and close the sale quickly. From decluttering and cleaning to painting and depersonalizing, here are my top 10 tips to help get your home move-in ready for potential buyers!

  1. Hire an Experienced Listing Agent

Before you list your home, hire a professional real estate agent. An experienced realtor will guide you through the process of selling your home. From professional photography and marketing to negotiating offers and closing the deal, realtors like myself take the pressure off your home sale!

  1. Deep Clean Every Nook and Cranny

Most buyers want a move-in-ready home. If your home isn’t well-cleaned, it can put buyers off during showings–and lead to fewer (or lower) offers! To help get the full value of your home and property, make sure to deep clean every room. Some sellers choose to hire professional cleaners to do the job right: a small investment with excellent potential to increase your listing price. It’s usually kitchens and bathrooms that need a good scrub the most!

  1. Declutter and Organize

Most buyers expect the homes they visit during showings to be neat and tidy. Create a stand-out show home by making it a space buyers can see themselves living in. By decluttering and organizing, you’ll make your home feel open, airy, and spacious—qualities that will interest buyers and bring you the highest offers! When you’re decluttering, make sure to remove highly personal items like family photos, collectibles, trophies, certificates, firearms, and bathroom toiletries.

  1. Address Minor (and Major) Repairs

Tackling repairs before you list your home will help you make the most of your asset! A turn-key property is preferred by most buyers since it means they can move right in without doing renovations. Minor repairs like a loose front gate or a leaky faucet can be an inexpensive way to add value to your home. Major repairs take more planning to see if the investment of your time and money is worth it. An experienced real estate advisor can help you assess the market in your area to see what similar properties are selling for, and if it makes sense to invest in major renovations. If you’re on a limited budget or short on time, remember that some buyers are interested in renovation projects or homes that need upgrades!

  1. Stage Your Home and Boost Curb Appeal

Buyers want to see your home when it’s looking its best! Hiring a professional staging company can increase your home’s listing price and decrease its time on the market. Staging your home can improve flow and help buyers clearly see the function of each room. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers see. Before you take exterior photographs and list your home for sale, cut the grass, trim hedges, and remove old branches and leaves from your property. If your yard is sparse and bare, consider investing in professional landscaping!

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